Protect your energy


Self-care is very important, especially if you are a highly sensitive person. So take care of yourself and protect your energy.

Your level of energy and well-being influences how what happens affects you and how you deal with problems.

If your level of energy or well-being is high, you are more likely to face any situation from serenity, from inner peace. However, if your level is low, there are situations that can lead you to uncontrollable suffering.

Protect your energy if you are a highly sensitive person

Below I share some ideas to protect your energy:

Take care of your self-care

Exercise regularly (or at least move yourself frequently).

☆ Read articles and books that inspire, motivate and make you feel good.

☆ Spend time doing things you enjoy.

☆ Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and avoid situations and people who make you feel bad, whenever possible.

You’ll find more ideas to improve your self-care in this article.

Take control of your emotions

When you can’t avoid the situations and people that make you feel bad, apply the Buzz Lightyear technique, which I found in this article. It consists of imagining that you have a protective shield around you all the time. You are in control of opening and closing it. This reminds you that you and only you have control over your feelings and emotions.

It’s useful to have this technique in mind to be able to apply it when necessary. You can write it on a mobile note to reread it frequently.

Be aware of your energy

It’s normal that your energy varies but the important thing is that you are conscious and do at every moment what is necessary to keep it above a minimum.

Observe yourself frequently to be aware of how you are and how your energy is.


Act accordingly: sleep more, eat better, exercise more or less, enjoy more, read more, know yourself more, connect more with people related to you, put limits when necessary, defend yourself better…


Writing is a way of observing you, of being aware of how you feel and what has led you to feel that way.

It’s not about making a summary of what you’ve done that day if you don’t want to. The important thing is to take what you have inside and analyze your worries, those things that flutter in your head during the day and that lurk you hard at night, when you want to sleep.


Putting words to everything you feel helps you to get out of your head, to vent, but also to find answers and solutions.

I try to write in my diary at least once a week. I’ve noticed that if I let too many days pass I feel that my energy and my mood go down since I’ve not given my emotions free rein and they’ve stayed in a certain way caged or stuck inside me.

You can look at this simple writing exercise against stress and this other one, deeper (but both in Spanish).

Create your inspiration notebook

The fact of creating your inspiration notebook and being able to review it when your energy or your spirits are low will make you feel better. You will connect with your most tender side, with your memories, with your dreams…


I leave you some ideas of sections that you could include with lists of your favorites and other things that inspire you:

Things that I like (in general).

☆ Favorite animals.

☆ Favorite plants.

☆ Favorite flowers.

☆ Favorite places.

☆ Favorite meals.

☆ Favorite books.

☆ Favorite movies.

Favorite Disney movies.

☆ Favorite series.

☆ Favorite songs.

People I admire.

☆ Inspirational quotes.

☆ Beautiful memories.

Funny things that have happened to me.

Achievements in my life.

Achievements, acknowledgments and learnings from each year (to write at the end of the year or the beginning of the next).

Dreams, desires and experiences that I want to live.

☆ Exercise «The life of my dreams«.

☆ My priorities.

☆ My purpose.

☆ My values.


Things I’m learning (something I like, for example, geography).

Things that I love about me.

Resources that work to raise my spirits.

Go adding things in your inspirational notebook and review it from time to time.

You can also inspire yourself on Pinterest and create your own boards.



Protect your energy. It’s what will help you maintain balance, calm and inner peace, preventing you to end up deeply exhausted, as often happens (to everybody but especially to people who are highly sensitive) when we do not pay attention.

I summarise the ideas to protect your energy:

Take care of your well-being (movement, books, activities, people).

Take control of your emotions with the Buzz Lightyear technique.

Be aware of your energy: observe yourself and act accordingly.

Write frequently how you feel and analyze your concerns.

Create your inspirational notebook (don’t forget the section «Resources that work to raise my spirits») and review it from time to time.

I hope you found it useful and interesting. ¿Are you also a highly sensitive person? Can you think of any other way to protect your energy?

Thank you for reading.

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